Connect - Convert - RetainPlay

Every user should have a personalized experience.Because that is exactly what they expect.

NextUser empowers marketers to deliver automated multi-channel user experiences that are relevant and timely.

  • Collect

    NextUser aggregates user data from all relevant sources onto one simple platform.

  • Profile

    The platform creates and maintains individual user profiles – across all user touch points.

  • Act

    Deliver dynamic, multi-channel personalized experiences – without technical resources.

  • Grow

    Automate campaigns that drive deeper customer engagement, increase conversion, decrease churn – and maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

NextUser, the evolution of smart marketing

Business intelligence and analytics, Data discovery, Customer relationship management and Marketing automation
  • "As the brand needs to be able to address the customer expectations during cross channel processes, we are seeing the evolution of CRM to Customer Experience Management"Oracle

  • "The benefit of intelligent marketing platforms is improved agility, as business users are freed to explore data and find new insights without having to put in requests to IT for new cubes or reports"Gartner

  • "CXM doesn't replace CRM, it builds on it to deliver better customer-focused experiences that will increase loyalty and reduce churn"Forrester

  • "Vendors will make strides so that customers can increasingly take an 'automate + optimize' approach: automating contextualization for most experiences and manually optimizing it for a few high-profile experiences"HTK