NextUser used IBM Watson to demo a revolutionary new marketing concept before Sir Richard Branson
97% of your users
Are anonymousBut they are all unique
Getting it "right" on only 3% of your site traffic isn't enough.
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NextUser selected by IBM Watson to demo in front of Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island, Feb. 6, 2015

Driving user experiences with data & understanding the nuances of human language

Allow your Marketing tools to work in concert

NextUser is a B2C open marketing platform that connects silo’d user data, enabling communication channels to work in concert, increasing conversion and lifetime user value

Our patent-pending data agregation technology

Find User Segment

enables you to easily find your valuable user segments. You can agregate user data from any internal or 3rd party external data source, highlighting the intent of your users.

  • Centralize all data of your users to better understand them
  • Explore user data to find the most actionable insights
  • Create comprehensive user profiles from real user segmentation

Are you facing decision paralysis from data overload? You’re not alone:

Our customers trust our platform to help them make better decisions. We enable marketers to target either users based on any user dimension. This allows them to:

  • Maintain a consistent conversation for the same user across the customer journey
  • Deliver a relevant conversation for each user based on their intent
  • Measure the performance of every marketing initiative by creating goals directly within workflows
Decision paralysis

Your customers want to engage with you their way:

Customer Engage

NextUser enables marketers to craft unique messages for their audience, regardless of how people choose to engage with that message.

  • Hyper-personalization: modify any message for any user segment
  • Open platform: Use the best tools to personalize the message across channels
  • Tests & Improvements: test different messages and measure engagement for every channel, all from the same platform

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