Action Tracking & Analytics

NextUser lets you track all actions taken by your users, enabling you to gain more insights on them.

  • Unify sessions across devices or whenever users identify themselves

  • View aggregate user information or go as granular as you like, down to the individual profile

  • Build segment, funnel, goals, action and conversion reports

  • Attribute sales correctly between sessions, campaigns and devices

  • View performance reports by channel: email, web, mobile, social, etc.

  • Map group of pages or actions in content bucket leveraging regular expressions or tags

  • Simulate user’s reach before deploying workflows to know your scale and the ROI potential

Enrich user profiles for deeper insights

Whether you are using a CRM or have internal user database like purchase information, or you wish to enhance your user profiles by using 3rd party vendors. NextUser will elegantly merge this data on your user's profile enabling you to gain more insight. We also integrate with the most popular marketing tools so that you can continue to use your favorite marketing solutions while personalizing the experience of your users

  • Integrate with, as well as many other CRM and databases

  • Connect to BlueKai, Exelate, Liveramp and other third-party data aggregators

  • Connect with email marketing and A/B testing tools to take action that leverages your comprehensive user profiles

  • Uncover performing user segments and new opportunities with our Predictive Analytics

  • Increase your pre-targeting and retargeting of prospects with the attributes collected in the user profiles

  • Leverage IBM Watson to build psychographic and emotional user profiles

  • Custom integration available to qualified customers


Automate across channels

  • Build workflows that synchronize your web, email, social, and mobile strategy. Orchestrate your existing marketing applications, it’s simple with this “open platform”. Connect your existing communication channels and integrate additional ones if desired.

  • Build triggered email programs, including cart abandonment, product retargeting, or re-engagement campaigns taking advantage of the advanced tracking to identify every user that previously bought, created an account, signed up to the newsletter, contributed to the Forum / Community, etc.

  • Personalize images, offers, messaging, or product recommendations on your website even if users are anonymous (95-97% of the visitors) based on all the situational data comprised of current time and location, device, entry point, touch point, clickstream, demographics, weather…

  • Send both realtime messages or push notifications to a mobile client application engaging users based on their current behavior, communicating with them when they need to pay attention, re-engaging them when they haven’t logged in for a while or when you know users want to hear from you.

“NextUser is a service that I wish were around when I was building my first startup.”
Will BunkerPartner at SVG Syndicate and Founder of (acquired by and renamed