Welcome to the participation age! Nextuser has been built from the ground up enabling marketers to deliver relevant messages to your users.

Make each person’s visit to your website meaningful

Every visitor to your site has their own unique set of tasks they wish to complete. By making your site’s content dependent on user intent, marketers can use the Nextuser platform to make their website more relevant to their visitors.

  • Dynamic display
    Dynamically display paragraphs based on behavioral user segmentation
  • Product recommendation
    Improve product recommendations
  • Test and optimize
    Test and optimize personalized message

Make the marketing services you use even better

Most e-commerce companies use a collection of marketing tools to manage all of their digital touch points. Our platform can be used to build actionable segments, and then deliver the marketing messages using any marketing tools.

Markerting Orchestration in NextUser

Email campaigns built based on user-intent

With NextUser, behavior-based decisions can also be applied to the emails you send out. These behavioral triggers ensure that your users are receiving content that they actually opted in for.

  • Signal to trigger email
    Use intent signals to trigger email workflows
  • Display relevant content
    Display the most relevant content to each person
  • Test email workflow
    Test and optimize your email workflows

Engage your anonymous users

We collect and organize information at the user level, whether they are signed in or not. This allows for marketers to provide rich experiences even to the 97% of your visitors that are unknown.

  • CTA Based
    Change messaging and calls to action based on user intent
  • improve visitor
    Improve your visitors’ experience based on the stage of the buying cycle they are in
  • Test message
    Test messaging to each audience to improve relevancy

Harmonize marketing across channels

Nextuser brings together all of the data sources on a company’s users, enabling marketers to see the progress each user is making throughout their customer journey. Nextuser’s workflow builders ensure each marketing initiative be crafted in harmony with one another.

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