AI augments your audience knowledge. Personalization boosts ROI.

1 end-to-end solution

Discover your audiences on social networks

Discover your audiences on social networks

Leverage Facebook, Instagram and Twitter data to discover communities and trends over time.

Leverage your audiences on marketing channels

Leverage your audiences on marketing channels

Customize your users’ experience through individualized communications.

Measure impact of brand activity on social networks

Measure impact of brand activity on social networks

Compile reports periodically to analyze campaign results.


Three products

Social A.I

Visualize how your brand product is talked about and consumed.

Marketing Hub

Use customer data to create personalized marketing strategies and boost conversion.

Social media reporter

Generate social media activity reports to share with your team in 1-click.

1 solution for all team members

Digital marketer

Create cross-channel strategies with social media

NextUser is here to help leverage your data from 60+ external systems. The user friendly platform allows you to receive and send data from other systems with ease via API. From the platform, internal reporting tools can be built specifically to your needs. Build marketing strategies and seamlessly execute your strategies through your existing website. A/B testing shows what works, and what needs improvement.

Social Media manager

Discover social media communities and detect trends

Want to reach your audience and communities at a granular level? NextUser can help you target those audience and user outreach based on specific characteristics, up to 300+ variables can be extracted! Fromthere, we can track and analyze social media user behaviors from your website and plan marketing strategies through intelligence reports. Execute these strategies and reach your goals.


Easily connect to your existing tech stack and centralize data

Centralize and integrate your data over 60+ external systems within minutes. With NextUser, data pipelines can transform, easily clean data, and keep existing and past data sync for you. Being an open platform, data can easily move in and out seamlessly, allowing you access whenever, and wherever. Efficient tools allow you to focus on what really matters, building your product.

To know each other

A single connection between digital touchpoints and users​

Founded in 2013, NextUser is established as a pioneer in DMP (Data Management Platform).
We have offices in 4 locations (San Francisco, New York, Paris, and Croatia).

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