Build brand awareness and turn more leads into additional revenue

Track your customers and diagnose their relationship with your brand

Marketers are challenged with user data being spread across multiple, different and siloed internal & external systems. With NextUser, centralize all user data to provide a "single view of the consumer" to build comprehensive digital 360 degree portfolio of customers explaining their behavior as well as providing insights into their personality.

Convey and promote your brand through multiple marketing channels

Companies are often constrained to delivering limited and inconsistent messages across various channels. The NextUser platform enables companies to trigger the right message through the right channel at the right time via advanced scenario and segment building.

Adapt your communication to your visitors to increase brand engagement

Personalize your marketing communication content to your individual users based on their behavior and personality in order to deliver the relevant message to your customers depending on the context as well as the specific touchpoint channel.

Build and simulate multichannel marketing scenarios to achieve your goals

Brands interact with users in multiple ways, but find it difficult and costly to pin point which communication strategy has the optimal outcome. With NextUser, simulate workflows before deploying your campaigns to know who are your targeted customers and thus better understand the ROI.