Media & Content

Rich and relevant content are key to maximizing advertising revenue. Understanding the differing needs and interests of each user will drive higher engagement, page views, opt-ins and hence greater ROI.

Analyze and adjust your time on site

Media and content websites struggle to keep their users engaged and to increase time on site. With NextUser, increase a user engagement by tailoring thE experience with personalized content such as "New for you", "More article to consider" and "Recommendations for you".

Innovative cross device solutions give brands better traction

Desktop traffic is still the #1 channel, but the rise of mobile and tablet is making companies come up with strategic ways to improve interactions through multiple devices. With NextUser, you can easily boost mobile traffic by promoting the opportunity to access your services via other devices.

Find the perfect call to action

Getting prospective customers to do what you want is a known struggle for companies. With NextUser, we not only run A/B tests to select the most successful campaign version, but also enable you to simulate cross-channel scenarios so you know the which call to action to promote.

Boost lead generation and qualification

Businesses tend to repeatedly and bluntly ask users the same information multiple times across different channels, ultimately driving visitors away. With NextUser, use relevant contextual progressive profiling to gain specific customer information and respond with a targeted content.