Analyze, connect and engage your customers to deliver personalized experiences, thus increasing conversion and customer loyalty.

Invest in the "experience economy" for your stores

In recent years, there has been a cultural change in the way people shop coupled to a shift in consumer expectations. With NextUser, consumers do not necessarily need to go to a retail store anymore, and you can propose an improved omnichannel experience.

Drive positive experiences for your retail brand

Traditional "bricks and mortar" retail is challenged by the continuous rise of the internet that also drives online shopping. With NextUser, you have a power of personalization similar to and can also offer a quality customer service.

Deliver on the promise of personalization to get loyal clients

According to Infosys, 78% of buyers are more likely to be a repeat customer if a retailer provides them with targeted and personalized offers. With NextUser, you satisfy the expectations of your users by knowing their preferences and interests to communicate relevant messages across marketing channels

Collect customer-related data and act on it with marketing campaigns

Business analytics have made it so that customers can expect retailers to know what they want without even telling them. With NextUser, you combine insights from recent online and in-store transactions as well as other interactions to meet customers’ expectations about their experience with your business.

Use analytics and big data to predict the next trend

Knowing the next "hot item" is key to having the upper hand on your competition. With NextUser, anticipate new trends with big data and thus prepare for future demand with price optimization as well as more product sourcing and efficient stock management.

Construct marketing campaigns with personality insights

The number of emails you send should match your customer’s need for this information and not your internal need, usually based on calendar events, to send the information. With NextUser, leverage the user’s personality to tailor and deliver individual messages with the right content.