You have piqued a potential customers' interest. Now, with every future interaction, the "what", "how" and "when" you communicate, will have an impact on the conversion rate.

Optimize your subscription acquisition and anticipate churn

As a subscription business, it is critical to know via which channel and when to deliver a personalized message so you can increase the rate of acquisition and reduce churn. With NextUser, build and refine scenarios to send the relevant message to the right prospect or subscriber via the appropriate channel at the right time in order to deliver the right experience and thus improve acquisition, conversion and retention metrics.

Make them feel welcome and create customer loyalty

A majority of subscription sites fail to leverage the importance of the first impression and the potential that comes with welcoming new users. With NextUser, we create a custom onboarding sequence to engage new users and turn them into long term subscribers.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers have set the bar high by looking for a customized experience. With NextUser, identify your customers’ want and need in order to meet their expectation as well as to add value to your product or service.

Find the advantage to beat the competition

Faced with an increasing number of competing options and offers, customers are looking for a special connection with businesses. With NextUser, take meaningful steps toward a 1:1 interaction using appropriate contextual personalization and enriched content. Use this differentiation as your competitive edge in the market.