Unify all your customer data in a CDP

NextUser is a Customer Data platform (CDP) with marketing orchestration and data collection specializations.

Unify all your customer data in a CDP

How is NextUser a CDP?

As a CDP, NextUser excels at connecting to external systems for various purposes. How is NextUser a CDP

For data collection, the NextUser interface has been developed to connect to all types of databases: SQL, DMP, Excel, XML, FTP servers and a large number of applications via API keys.

For the orchestration of multichannel campaigns, NextUser interacts with particular segments of customers:

  • An interface for customizing websites and mobile applications (iOS and Android)
  • An interface for sending personalized emails
  • An advertising targeting interface on social networks
  • A management interface for push notifications via SMS
  • A loyalty program management interface

How does a CDP bring value to your company?

Open marketing platforms are becoming popular and relevant in a crowded space where each business has generally from 3 to 6 different marketing solution providers. The technology enables the ingestion of data sources (input) to feed other marketing interaction system (output). Hence, by partnering with other companies or by integrating other systems, they can turn into highly specialized multi-purpose marketing systems. They focus on one or few marketing functions to innovate upon and leave it to other platforms or complementary systems to enlarge their feature set. How does a CDP bring value to your company

How does a CDP compare a CRM, Data Lake or DMP?

The quick answer? it combines all three.

These solutions were created over time and were invented to meet a specific need in the marketing world:

  • Data lake: collect information data in bulk for analysis
  • CRM: collect and render accessible in a easy to use interface user information related to the purchase process or customer service process
  • DMP: make anonymized user information usable across website to create a global anonymous user profile for ad targeting.
How does a cdp compare

By its flexibility, NextUser can combine these technologies into a single one. Alternatively, NextUser can work with these technologies to complement their tool set and grow their impact. Finally, NextUser connects with external services for additional functionalities that it doesn't manage natively.

NextUser positioning recognized for multiple purposes

Due to the layers of features that NextUser handles, NextUser is recognized as a CDP for its data and connectors capabilities, and as a optimization, personalization and testing solution for its marketing automation capabilities.

All these features, in one single package.

Nextuser positioning

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