Getting started

The Customer Integration Process enables the synchronization of your company’s launch cycle within NextUser’s services. NextUser has 5 distinctive set up phases for a successful Customer Integration Process, which regroups the Agreement, Website Tracking, Integration of Communication Channel, Workflow Selection and Creation, and Final Testing/Launch.


  • Start: Signature of this Agreement

  • Creation of the website dataset and tracking implementation

    • Production (« preview » function for tests)
    • Database schematics creation for the website
    ⇒  Snippet code & tagging plan are created and sent to the client
  • Integration of communication channels

    1. NextUser implements website tagging via Tag Manager Software (2/3 days)
    2. NextUser sets up the ESP (e.g. Sendgrid)
    3. The client validates the Tag Cross Reference
    4. The client checks the tagging plan
    Any additional channel is included at this step.
  • Selection and creation of Pilot workflows

  • Test and launch

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