Getting started

The Customer Integration Process enables the synchronization of your company’s launch cycle within NextUser’s services. NextUser has 3 distinctive phases for a successful Customer Integration Process, which regroups the Website Creation, Website Tracking, Integration of Communication Channel, Workflow Creation, and Final Testing/Launch.

Prerequisites: Signing of an agreement between the company and NextUser

Phase 1: Website Creation

  • Creation of accounts on staging/QA & production for the client domain(s) to track
  • Database schema setup on the platform

Phase 2: Website tracker and tag management

In order for NextUser to collect data, a piece of JavaScript code is required to be integrated into the company’s web and mobile sites.

A tag management system (TMS) makes it easy to manage the implementation of digital marketing technology solutions.

integration setup

Phase 3: Integration of the users’ data through an array of communication channels

Our platform improves customer relationship by delivering relevant messages at the right time and through the right channel.

Our platform is centralized and responds to all of the company’s needs via:

Email Service Provider

We integrate your existing Email solution to construct and execute an entirely functional marketing automation.

  • SendGrid
  • Mailchimp
  • Mandrill
  • ExactTarget
  • MailUp
  • Smartfocus

DMP, CRM & Internal Database

We import or export all the data to Salesforce, SAP CRM or external databases. This allows us to give richer contextual information to your customer service and representatives to better respond to your customers’ needs


We can integrate any system through data flux or API

  • SDK for iOS and Android
  • SMS
  • Push notification