Social Artificial Intelligence

Visualize how a product is consumed and talked about

Your brand territories discovered with 300+ data points per user

Are you listening to what your audience and community have to say about your brand? Discover and understand your communities through social media, to establish a loyal customer base working towards long-term brand commitment.

Aggregate and Create User Profiles

Discover your Communities

Turn a single data point into a full social profile for your brand through social data sources, text and sentiment analysis, personality prediction and image recognition.

Nextuser tracks both identified and anonymous users by connecting to your proprietary sources – websites, ESP, CRM, etc. We then integrate efficient marketing tools that help drive your visitors to create an account or provide further information about themselves. This collection of data from visitors help to organize and personalize user’s experience.

Visualize and Analyze Insights

Listen to Community Trends

Learn how your products are consumed. Isolate thematic groups by any type of data/attributes. Texts and images uncover info in relationship to your products and their lifestyle/habits.

Voice of the Customer complements panels or surveys. Associate semantic, entities, concepts and emotional analysis. Map users to define opportunity spaces and motivational territories at large scale.

Personalize and Advertise

Advertise and Power

From every user profile, you can create audience lists to advertise on social media channels. A tracking cookie is created to feed your existing DMP.

Personalize with your existing marketing apps. Connect your apps (60+ connectors), user profiles to user journeys and personalized 1:1 interactions to contextualize the online experience with omni channel scenarios.

Amplify your Community

Build your communities upon a Social Artificial Intelligence foundation

Capture the inherent inter-related patterns among users’ personalities and their interests. We’re here to navigate brands in discovering various communities within the media.

Use the content created to produce results with both cognitive and social characteristics, harnessing linguistic analytics to understand personality, writing style and social characteristics from text and images.

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Get in touch with us to learn how NextUser can improve your digital presence

Schedule a Demo!

Get in touch with us to learn how NextUser can improve your digital presence