Marketing Hub

Use customer data to create personalized marketing strategies

All-in-one marketing tool
for your growing business

From the dashboard, convert traffic into qualified leads, edit personalized marketing strategies and on-brand marketing emails, track and analyze data through lead scoring, and conduct A/B testing, all with 1:1 personalized service.

Create meaningful and customized engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle. We meet you where you are.

Collect and Track

Recognize key aspects of
your audience

Grow, engage and boost your audience all from one streamlined dashboard. Know every angle of a user’s online presence, including data and touchpoint to identify key areas of opportunity.

Turn data from identified users to various conditions and from there, we can create personalized relationship marketing strategies to improve session of a user, increase engagement, and continue interactions with the brand.

Personalize and Advertise

Personalization leads to
brand loyalty

With truly personalized 1:1 iterations, we can even conduct lead scoring of individual users based on actions of the website. By collecting user data, we can help deliver the right message through multiple channels. Make proactive recommendations of content and products based on a customer’s previous purchases, browsing history on your site, interests and personality, or even offer geolocation and local current events.

Communication Channel

Complete User Journey

A user journey is an implementation of the customer experience to engage, make purchases, and be loyal to the brand. Each user will have their own unique user journey. By entering user into their user journey, we can walk them through the various stages of the conversion funnel to reach the end goals. This user journey can span over multiple communication channels, SMS, web, email, etc. over time.

Once a user signs up and begins to discover content, an email with personalized content of visited items, birthday discounts or more, will be sent automatically. Something so personalized as a birthday or anniversary gives each user their own user experience within the user journey.

Data Pipeline

Web Analytics, Assessment
& A/B Testing

Assess the next trend, determine which customers are more likely to perform a purchase, get a better understanding of customer behavior and purchase likelihood. Prepare for future demand, increase user retention, upsell and cross-sell.

Figure out the best marketing strategies for your business. Conduct simultaneous experiment between two or more marketing strategies to see which performs or converts the best.

60+ Data Connectors

60+ Data and Marketing

Let us meet you where you are, with over 60+ connectors, we have the outreach to bring personalized marketing strategies to your users. We collect data from user’s existing platforms, and transform that data into personalized connections to engage and convert. This can range from email blasts, landing page designs and more. Using a “plug & play” functionality we can incorporate data systems such as DMP, CDP, CRM, and beyond.

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