Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

NextUser powers IBM Watson and captures user’s characteristics, needs, and values to drive the next level of digital personalization. Uncover a deeper understanding of your customers’ personality.

Personality insight

Uncover a deeper understanding of your customer's personality.

Machine Learning

Make recommendations based upon users requests and needs.

Voice of the customer

Understand customer feedback to increase insight.

What is IBM Watson?

Answer your customers’ most pressing question

Quickly extract key information from all document

Reveal insights, patterns and relationships across data

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules to use the information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions), and self-correction


  • It Analyzes unstructured data: uses natural language processing to understand grammar and context.
  • Understands complex questions: evaluates all possible meanings and determines what is being asked.
  • Presents answers and solutions: based on supporting evidence and quality of information found.

Personality Insight

By connecting to visitors social network, Watson will analyze valuable information that will enable NextUser capture the inherent inter-related patterns among users’ personalities and their interests. Use the content they created to produce results with both cognitive and social characteristics, harnessing linguistic analytics to understand personality, writing style and social characteristics from text.

Benefits of Personality Insight

  • Get your user’s email addresses & social data. Determine their age, location, job, income, interests, and many more insights.
  • Deliver tailored individual messages on a 1:1 level.
  • Go beyond persona and reach each and every user to the core: their personality.
  • Build an online community: connect users by providing in-depth information about their personality and who they match with.
  • Understand the "why" on top of the "what", "when" & "how" provided by traditional web analytics.
  • This data enables them to design marketing, provide product recommendations, and deliver customer care that is more personal and relevant.

Use case

Met Gala - Find your designer match

IBM Watson selected NextUser to create a web app that would enable anyone, by connecting to Facebook or Twitter, to find a designer that would match the user’s personality.

Machine Learning

NextUser powers IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence to interact with your customers, to understand their request and then recommend specific product or services according to their initial request.

  • Machine Learning goes beyond referencing a list of language rules.
  • Watson integrates APIs, analyzes the context and meaning of question, reviews possible answers and determines the best solution.
  • Watson learn with every human interaction and grows its collection of knowledge, quickly adapting to way humans think.
  • Your users ask question from their phone, on the go or on-site. They can interact with a bot, by going to a mobile application or POS.

Benefits of Machine Learning

  • Interact with customers, listen to question and offer solution.
  • Watson support your sales force: users get answers without calling or speaking to company reps, they get advice from robots.
  • Save time by using automated technology.
  • Understand what customers are trying to do.
  • Analyzes context and present the most relevant solution.
  • Resolve complex issues, improve customer experience in-store with voice recognition and powerful personality analysis.
did you know facebook use machine learning for it's newsfeed

Use case


NextUser created a Chatbot that helps users to find the perfect product for their skin. Users are presented with the most suitable product based on their skin type, skin condition, regimen and geolocation. At a global scale there are 150 possible combinations!

Voice of the customer

NextUser power IBM Watson data to analyze the online behavior of your members, synchronize their information and use the online content they have generated (social networks, blogs, books) in order to capture their personality, emotions and social characteristics.

Benefits of analyzing Voice of the Customer

  • Understand very granularly user’s feedback at a product or brand-level from any data feed (review websites, website, Social, etc.)
  • Highlight the key topics from the customer’s experience to immediately detect weaknesses and how they are evolving over time.
  • Enables executives to quantify the positive and/or negative outputs impacting their day-to-day life.
  • Improve products and product selection, improve the purchase process, refine target marketing and customer satisfaction.
  • Adapt social media content to improve the sentiment.

Use case

Hotel Reviews

NextUser analyses Vitale Hotel reviews from Trip Advisor through IBM Watson. Keywords and sentiments are pull out and organized into a strong and complete statistic platform.