Collect data

User Data Collection

NextUser tracks both identified and anonymous users by connecting to your proprietary sources such as website, ESP, CRM, etc. We integrate efficient marketing tools that drive your visitors to create an account, or to give further information about themselves. We collect your visitors data directly into our platform and organize it to personalize users’ experience.

Benefits of collecting visitor data & Personality

97% of your users are anonymous

  • Knowing your visitors is the only way to provide them with a relevant personalized experience.
  • Analyze your visitors data to predict instantly what they need and increase your conversion rate.
  • Get a solid understanding of potential consumers: collect key data to drive not only online strategy but also your marketing and communication campaigns.
  • 80% of collected data is unstructured: unify all your data in one platform.

Use case

Clear Unilever – Scalp Profiler

95% of Millennials say they want their brands to court them actively: Clear’s goal is to get more visitors to use the scalp profiler tool. Then, to invite them to sign up by entering their email address, and gather key information about them to personalize their experience.

Step 1: Scalp profiler tab – 1st visit
Step 2: Scalp profiler pop-in window

A visible tab (#1) on the left of the page will allow your visitors to access a pop-in, which allows users to use the scalp profiler at any time, without having to leave the page. This way, hook all landing page visitors for answering the scalp profiler (#2) and convert them into engaged visitors.

Step 3: Sign-up window

Email addresses capture Pop-in in “your scalp profiler score” page. Invite your new visitors to sign-up with a pop-in window. By identifying them, important user’s data is collected, and you would have a proven efficient way to contact them.

Step 4: Triggered email

Trigger an emailing campaign providing content recommendation based upon the Scalp profiler answers.