Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

NextUser identifies your users, based on their behavior, actions on your website, and any kind of data collected or imported. Based on these information, we create strategic workflows for each of your users. To build these workflows, we define a condition to meet, a message to deliver, directly on our platform. We integrate your existing software and marketing platform to display all automated messages from any of your channel.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

“By 2020, 85 percent of customer relationships with businesses will be managed without human interaction.”

  • Provide real-time behavioral marketing
  • Increase chances to convert a prospect
  • Free the Marketing team from doing repetitive tasks and focus on strategic actions
  • Seamless campaign execution and tracking
  • Marketing and sales alignment: provide your Omni channel shoppers with a consistent custom experience throughout each touch point.
  • Better customer relationship management

Use Case

petcentric use case