By collecting user data, NextUser personalizes your website content on a 1:1 level to deliver the right messages through multiple channels. Make pro-active recommendations of content and products based on a customer’s previous purchases, browsing history on your site, interests and personality or even geolocation and local weather conditions!

Benefits of Personalization

78% of buyers are more likely to purchase again if a retailer provides them with targeted and personalized offers*.

  • Give more satisfaction to your customers by delivering content that matches their behavior.
  • Satisfy user expectations by knowing their preferences and interests. Communicate relevant messages across all marketing channels.
  • Deliver on the promise of personalization to get loyal clients.
  • The way you interact with your customers will determine how they perceive you, your business, your products and services.

*according to Infosys

Use case

Flunch Traiteur- Returning visitors

When your user returns to the site, there isn’t any trace of the product he previously looked at, you get less chances that he proceed with the purchase. Welcome your returning visitors and show their browsing history along with product recommendations: maximize your chances that your returning visitor proceed to the purchase. Increase your conversion rate and your revenue.