Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analytics

NextUser power IBM Watson and capture user’s characteristics, needs, and values to drive the next level of digital personalization.

  • By calculating customer lifetime value metric (CLV): Calculating probability that a customer will purchase based on their recency, frequency of visits and overall monetary value.
  • By analyzing cohorts of users, you can objectively measure site’s success-rate in user retention and growth/churn.
  • By further segmenting users into behavior-based user-groups, pinpointing precise sources of problems can be achieved.

Benefits of predictive analytics

  • Predict the next trend: knowing the next "hot item" is key to having the upper hand on your competition.
  • Determine which customers are more likely to perform a purchase, or identify how to increase a probability of a customer to purchase (incentivize visits etc.)
  • Get a better understanding of customer behavior and purchase likelihood.
  • Prepare for future demand with price optimization as well as more product sourcing and efficient stock management.
  • Increase user retention, upsell and cross-sell.