Engineering Teams

Simplify your work stream with an integrated stack.


Leverage your data from
60+ external systems

Power all your apps with the same data, be able to integrate your data to over 60+ external systems within minutes. Easily activate new tools in minutes versus weeks. Save time and focus on what really matters, building your product. These efficient marketing tools are what drives customers to enter the personalized user journey.

Easily Implement to your systems

Get your data from other
data systems via API

Integrating a new tool is easy and only takes minutes. NextUser can integrate data collected from your product, be able to produce automated actions and personalized marketing strategies with ease. Data can easily enter and exit effortlessly.


Get templates and assets
from your existing tools

Increase and improve you personalized marketing strategies with efficiency. With NextUser, data pipelines can transform, easily clean data, and keep data in sync for you – no matter where you send it. Don’t let your past content go to waste, we can easily transition your existing content over to NextUser platform. Being an open platform, data can easily move in and out without any hurdles.

Privacy and Compliance

Secure Data Globally

NextUser understands your data is important and handles it with upmost care. Several layers of safety are implemented, such as security testing, restrained infrastructure, and being a GDPR compliant company, are few of the many levels of security offered to ensure your data is secure. No PII is ever automatically tracked and SSL encryption is a standard at NextUser.

Schedule a Demo!

Get in touch with us to learn how NextUser can improve your digital presence

Schedule a Demo!

Get in touch with us to learn how NextUser can improve your digital presence