Marketing Teams

Drive engagement and conversations, all in one place


Understand your
users better

Monitor what is being said online about a brand or a product. Micro-target prospects based on their personal attributes, to reach the right audience, targeting behaviors, interests, and demographics. Track the complete users journey—from viewing a page, adding an item to their cart, completing a purchase, and viewing an email confirmation.


Discover what your user data means

Once you have tracked the metrics that matter to your audience, see how the behaviors trend over time. This allows you to leverage 3rd party recommendation algorithms or your own marketing from within the NextUser platform.


Metrics are trending, now 
find out why

When your team sees a certain behavior trending, we can figure out the reasons why. Metrics from the website combined with data analysis and testing can help you to reach and exceed your goals quickly and efficiently. Determine what changes and updates are necessary to guide users towards increase engagement, conversion, and purchases.


Drive and execute your plan

We want to help bring a major impact to your users, through driving the messages necessary, to reach all your users and beyond. By doing so, personalized marketing strategies are used to drive users to spend increased time on the website, consume more, and engage with the website. Put your plan into action and quickly see how your user engagement and conversions will grow.


Implement real time testing and
discover your metrics

Each marketing strategy is tested seamlessly onto the existing website, using AB testing. To compare the two groups that are targeted, with a control group and a variable group. From this A/B testing, we are guaranteed to see exactly how the variable group differs then the control group. From there, you can focus on the changes or improvements necessary for engagement and conversion.

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Get in touch with us to learn how NextUser can improve your digital presence

Schedule a Demo!

Get in touch with us to learn how NextUser can improve your digital presence