Top 5 reasons

With its "open platform" and 60+ data connectors, NextUser collects data from all your existing marketing channels and act on it.

You get a single view of your users and can personalize marketing messages across all user touchpoints: Website, Mobile, Email, Customer Support, CRM, Social Media and many more! By delivering a unified user experience, you increase engagement, conversion and lifetime customer value.

NextUser leverages user profiling and identify both anonymous and identified users.

Analytics tools do not build complete profiles of anonymous visitors, which represent 95 to 97% of your visitors according to Google. Until the visitor self identifies by either buying, creating an account or signing up for newsletters, personalization often remains limited to ads retargeting like Criteo, Google Remarketing, Facebook Retargeting or Adroll. NextUser removes this constraint and allows you to act on 100% of your users.

NextUser offers instant connectivity and affordable cost learning cycle.

You can integrate your existing marketing tools and get ready to run your first scenarios in 3 to 5 open days. To personalize your website or mobile application as well as trigger new campaigns with your Email Service Provider (ESP), we leverage marketing connectors (API) and Tag Management solutions. This way, you focus your efforts on delivering Return of Investment (ROI) versus months of setup for typical marketing cloud suites.

The NextUser team analyzes your existing data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other Web Analytics providers to identify key areas of opportunity, segments it and applies all learnings to improve the user experience on your website.

Prior to going live with our platform, you get a full audit highlighting 15 to 20 scenarios to drive incremental revenue opportunities and deliver meaningful results with a high-level of confidence. It eliminates guesswork and uses your current data to solve meaningful problems.

NextUser is expert in Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.

Selected by IBM Watson in 2015 at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, NextUser was a finalist from among 2,000 competitors for the Extreme Tech Challenge to demonstrate the future of Artificial Intelligence to Sir Richard Branson at Necker Island in February 2015. We currently use 5 services from IBM Watson and AlchemyAPI to solve complex problems with Machine Learning Technologies.

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