Getting It “Right” on Only 3% of Your Site Traffic Isn’t Enough

97% of your website visitors are unknown to you. But they found you and here they are. All are unique, bringing with them varying needs and interests with expectations that you’ll deliver on them.


Marketing funnels integrated into your customer journey maps: A winning combination

On most websites the most common path is usually followed by less than five percent of visitors, usually 1%. It is often for companies to measure the performance of their marketing efforts and to research and plan for the customer journey. However, these tend to be independent tasks and are often times disconnected. In this white paper we discuss ways to merge both activities in order to align the management of customer experiences with marketing objectives.


User engagement: it’s about attention to context, not just metrics

Engagement. It’s one of the buzzwords on the tip of every marketer’s tongue. It is frequently referred to as a standalone super KPI that measures a company’s branding performance as well as an indirect catalyst for ROI.


40% of sales representatives need more data to close customers

Nearly 40% of reps do not feel secure in their ability to understand customer needs or problems with the information they have available and more than two thirds of reps don’t hit their individual quotas. External and internal reps can only be as effective as the information they have readily available to address customer needs and concerns. And that primary tool is an organizations CRM system. So, what’s the real problem?